October 22, 2009

imagemap_wizard 0.5.3

Last Sunday I’ve released the first official stable version of my imagemap_wizard extension (TER). I though that’s a good moment to review the introduction text on the project-homepage and that’s how it looks like - forge.typo3.org/projects/show/extension-imagemap_wizard

Especially due to the missing/broken TER download counter I’m still not sure whether the work was worth it. I hope some marketing and the given information about all the cool featutes is enough for newbees and TYPO3 pro’s. to  switch over to this extension ;)

The 0.6 releases will focus on some UI and usability improvements and looking at my old overall schedule for the 1.0 release there’s “only” one big feature missing - the integration into regular content elements (e.g. “text w/image”).  So stay tuned :D

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