May 8, 2010

tiny update...

I’m pretty busy in these days and unfortunately there’s not much time to write blogposts. In detail there’s currently a long list of feature wishes and bugs for TemplaVoila which need my attention and in addition I also already started to prepare a workshop for the T3DD10 about Git*.

Just to keep this blog alive this is what I found interesting during the last weeks:

For TYPO3 enthusiasts especially the changes within the TYPO3 Core regarding the integration of further T3UX09 results and all the small changes which happen to get 4.4 ready might be of the biggest interest ( Besides that Sebastian Kurf├╝rst tweeted that he finished the last chapter of his Extbase/Fluid book and Amazon says that they deliver it in the first weeks of July. I think once his book is out we’ll see much more people starting to work with Extbase and Fluid. It also seems that the TYPO3 v5 project – called “Phoenix” – is getting more and more relevant. They decided to scrumify the delvelopment and started to do Sprints to achieve quick and visible results. Sounds like a good way to go - let’s see how long they keep that up. Besides that there’s also an interesting mail Robert Lemke posted in a newsgroup to answer the rumors about the why v5 takes so long and why they had to start from scratch and so on - very interesting statements.

Besides that you might like these bits and bytes:

*If anyone wants to help with the Git workshop or has suggestions feel free to contact me. I don’t feel really prepared for it yet but I also think that someone has to present Git to the TYPO3 community since Subversion kinda sucks in certain aspects - also the workshop itself is not confirmed yet but I’m pretty sure it will happen since lot’s of people are interested to hear about it.

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