September 3, 2010

TemplaVoila on

Update: Finally TemplaVoila moved to - please read the update here

As it seems, souce code version control for TYPO3 will be done with Git in the future. The Phoenix team already uses, there’s also already the possibility to get the latest updates for the v4 Core via and it won’t take long until is been used for version 4 as well.

Due to the fact that my TemplaVoila development workflow is also already git based, I thought it might be interesting for some contributors to develop with a git repository upstream. Therefore I started to maintain a TemplaVoila repository on [1]. The Subversion repository on [2] is of course still the master, but both repositories are kept in sync automatically.

So once you think about sending an RFC to the list, feel free to attach a git based patch-file.

[1] [2]

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