June 14, 2013

TemplaVoila - followup

It seems that publishing the news regarding TemplaVoila came to the right time and it found its way through the community. But along with it, some irritation came up which needs some additional words.

Will there be a TYPO3 CMS 6.2 compatible version of TemplaVoila?

**As it seems: yes - **some members of the community offered their help. I’ll reach out to them in the next days and try to connect them as good as I can. I will of course support them as good as possible. I can’t really tell whether there will be a TER release for that or whether we’ll keep it in the Git repository only. That’s up for discussion - I made my point about that already and find it still valid. In case you’re interested to help (coding, documentation, anything) - just sent me a note.

Was it a black day for the community?

**I doubt that - **a single tweet mentioning people clapping on the news made a large wave through the newsgroups, nothing else. Most likely this was just a misunderstanding and most importantly it didn’t reflect the generally very positive feedback I got through all other canals.

What about #T3CS13?

That’s first of all a great community event and everyone should reach out for #T3CS14 tickets next year. Nevertheless as it seems some people (still) clapped their hands when they heard the TemplaVoila news, which seemed very inappropriate. Due to that Jochen Weiland (one of the organizers) sent a personal apology to me and an “official tweet” for what happened at the #T3CS13. From my perspective this wasn’t even needed, but it’s nice that he did it anyways. The fact that Peter Pröll (proof) made a very clear statement during the event about some peoples misbehavior was already the right move. So let’s just close this chapter.

What are the alternatives, now?

We’ll see, but I hope that 6.2 or 6.3 will come along with a very strong suggestion in that regard and maybe a “Core candidate” extension/solution. Just to avoid that a double or triple-solution situation starts to grow once again.

Finally thanks for all the warm words and wishes. This made me very happy. Also please keep in mind that I just maintained TemplaVoila during the last 3-4 years and that I took over from Dmitry, Robert and Kasper.

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