November 18, 2010

TYPO3 4.5 beta1

As announced on yesterday the TYPO3 Core team published TYPO3 4.5 beta. With this beta the features for the next version are fixed and the remaining time until the release will be used for polishing and bug fixing. A complete list of the included features and changes can be found on As member of the TYPO3 workspace team I’d like to encourage everyone to send as much feedback as possible for all the workspace related changes and since maintaining TemplaVoila is also still on my list, it would be great if you let me know if you find any TemplaVoila related issues with the new TYPO3 version. ... Read more

October 3, 2010

TemplaVoila 1.5 released

The new version comes with many bugfixes,new features and a closer TYPO3 integration. Overall 95 issues have been resolved in the last 4 months to finalize this versions, some of the highlights are: HTML5 support The full list of HTML5 tags is now supported in TemplaVoila. The restrictions to specific tags was removed and the TYPO3 integrator is now able to use the full bandwidth of modern HTML. With this change also the tag-icons themself were replaced and the coloring schema was changed. ... Read more

September 3, 2010

TemplaVoila on

Update: Finally TemplaVoila moved to - please read the update here As it seems, souce code version control for TYPO3 will be done with Git in the future. The Phoenix team already uses, there’s also already the possibility to get the latest updates for the v4 Core via and it won’t take long until is been used for version 4 as well. Due to the fact that my TemplaVoila development workflow is also already git based, I thought it might be interesting for some contributors to develop with a git repository upstream. ... Read more

August 2, 2010

Peter Sunde talking about flattr

Markus Beckedahl’s interview with Peter Sunde brought up some interesting insights into the system of and the idea behind it. So if you’re interested in you should listen the podcast on My favorite quote:“In the end stupid stuff founds good stuff” P. Sunde Another (shorter) interview taken during the Hacknight in Malmö can be found on

July 25, 2010

TYPO3 4.4 sprites in your extension...

TYPO3 4.4 ships with a long list of improvements. One of them is the sprite API which was developed during T3UXW09. It extends the iconWorks API and enables to retrieve any backend-icon from a central sprite. As extension maintainer there are several ways to use these new parts of the API you can either just use it to display core icons, you can include your own icons and retrieve it with the new API or you can include your own sprite and retrieve the separate icons. ... Read more

July 8, 2010

T3DD10 Git workshop

I just found that Peter shares the slides of the Git workshop from the T3DD10 on slideshare. Since this 4 hour workshop was - for many reasons - one of my favorites during the T3DD10, I felt that it’s worth to mention it. And due to the fact that TYPO3 is moving very fast towards Git it’s worth to look at them ;) — Open workshop slides Btw. at the beginning I didn’t belief that a Git workshop could fill 4 hours - now I don’t think that shorter workshops make any sense :P

June 30, 2010

Using git svn for TYPO3 extension development

When I first saw a presentation about Git 2 years ago I liked it, but I was convinced that Subversion covers all I need. Things have changed and especially the bad performance of Subversion for larger repositories and the need to commit things without messing up the official trunk motivated me to look up how to get started with Git. If you need more reasons why you should look into Git, you’ll find them in [7] - anyways it’s worth to have a look how I managed to work with it ;) ... Read more

June 15, 2010

TYPO3 workspaces

One of the enterprise features TYPO3 has to offer is versioning and workspace handling. Kasper did a great job when he initially brough these featues into TYPO3. Unfortunately during the last years they became orphans and nobody really took care of them. There are multiple reasons for that, one was that Kasper didn’t allow big changes, another one was that everyone was somehow able to live with the existing odds they had but probable the most important one was that it was just to complicated to improve them alone without knowing the big picture. ... Read more

May 8, 2010

tiny update...

I’m pretty busy in these days and unfortunately there’s not much time to write blogposts. In detail there’s currently a long list of feature wishes and bugs for TemplaVoila which need my attention and in addition I also already started to prepare a workshop for the T3DD10 about Git*. Just to keep this blog alive this is what I found interesting during the last weeks: For TYPO3 enthusiasts especially the changes within the TYPO3 Core regarding the integration of further T3UX09 results and all the small changes which happen to get 4. ... Read more

March 31, 2010

Crawler 3.1 release + podcast

Nearly a month after version 3.0.5, we published 3.1.0 of the well known crawler extension today. The main work for that step was related to several bugfixes, a better scheduler integration, some CLI-API enhancements, better testcases and (finally) some documentation updates. Most kudos go to Michael Klapper who took over the responsibility for this release and who also fixed a decent amount of bugs. You can download the extension in the TER and hopefully this time OpenOffice didn’t trick us again and you’ll be able to see a shiny new extension manual on typo3. ... Read more

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