March 15, 2010

TemplaVoila 1.4.2 released

Yesterday the 2nd team release of TemplaVoila was uploaded into the TER. It’s basically a maintenance release which fixes more than 100 bugs. But since we haven’t been that straight distinguishing between bug and usability feature, you’ll see a couple of new things within this release. The high level release notes are: page module is now customizable with CSS and JavaScript handling of static data structures are improved and fully working now ... Read more

March 12, 2010


About this blog Every now and then I’ve to share some insights into parts of my work as IT professional, nerd or programmer. Sometimes I’m just sharing things I found interesting or which I wanted to point others to. About me I’m a (year()-1981) year old OpenSource enthusiast. I’ve studied Computer Science at the great Technical University of Chemnitz. Since 9 years I’m part of the AOE team as IT lead, senior developer and DevOps evangelist. ... Read more

March 3, 2010

Re: Farewell, TemplaVoila!

Dmitry decided to leave the TemplaVoilà project today and he handed the extension-leadership to me. Since this is a very abrupt change and since there was lot’s of (mis)communication involved I’d like to use this blogpost to answer his “Farewell, TemplaVoila!” post (he turned off the commenting function). As you might know Steffen Kamper and I joined the TemplaVoilà team some time ago and since Dmitry wasn’t very motivated to maintain the extension anymore, we took over and tried to make TemplaVoilà ready for TYPO3 4. ... Read more

March 2, 2010

Handling data in TYPO3 with tcemain

TYPO3 is (by definition) a powerful tool when it comes to data. Besides creating, updating and deleting data there are also localizing and versioning, logging and even rollbacks. All this is provided through the GUI of TYPO3 and all the technical stuff in working under the hood of TYPO3 for nearly every piece of data. But what if you’re asked to write a script which imports or updates data, how can you make sure that all this is done in a TYPO3 compatible way? ... Read more

February 28, 2010

crawler extension version 3.0.5 released

Quite some time after the 4.3 release of TYPO3, we published the necessary compatibility version of the crawler extension. Besides the compatibility fixes for TYPO3 and also for PHP 5.3 we also included some handy features: First of all there’s now, besides the CLI interface, also a full integration with the scheduler extension, which is available in TYPO3 4.3. This enables to setup crawler runs and manage all crawler releated tasks through the TYPO3 backend. ... Read more

January 23, 2010

Debugging mod_rewrite... my favorite way

Once a month someone is asking because he has issues to get his mod_rewrite rules to do what he want’s. Writing the rules and the required RegEx for these rules is quite easy, but Apache still behaves strange every now and then and that’s where one of my favorite ways to “debug” mod_rewrite comes in very handy. And I felt that writing something is better than having a silent blog ;) ... Read more

November 30, 2009

TYPO3 4.3 release

Today the TYPO3 Core Team released version 4.3 (release-notes on Finally the list of improvements is long and the amount of cool new features is outstanding compared to other releases. Imho especially the security and performance-improvements are remarkable as well as the improved usability in the backend. But I guess my favorite improvement is obvious (hint hint) :P In addition to TYPO3 4.3 a new major version of the tt_news (ter) extension was released over the weekend (Rupert Germans announcement on lists. ... Read more

November 26, 2009

TemplaVoila 1.4 released...

A new version of TemplaVoila (ter) (forge) has just been released. Besides the great fact that this is the first team-release of TemplaVoila, the high-level improvements within the pagemodule (drag’n’drop), the mapping module and the FCE editing forms and besides lot’s of bug fixes, there are a few very nice features which make the day-to-day work with TemplaVoila much easier. The list of things which happend in 1.4 can be seen on bugs. ... Read more

October 31, 2009

TYPO3 Core Changelog feeded

It seems that the newsgroup is a nice tool for the discussion but not to keep track of the actual changes -To get an idea of what actually happend at the code-base usually you might want to look at the ChangeLog. Therefore I had a script which converted the ChangeLog to an atom feed - a couple of colleagues liked this idea and asked me to publish it - so here it is: http://feeds. ... Read more

October 22, 2009

imagemap_wizard 0.5.3

Last Sunday I’ve released the first official stable version of my imagemap_wizard extension (TER). I though that’s a good moment to review the introduction text on the project-homepage and that’s how it looks like - Especially due to the missing/broken TER download counter I’m still not sure whether the work was worth it. I hope some marketing and the given information about all the cool featutes is enough for newbees and TYPO3 pro’s. ... Read more

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