June 6, 2013

Using genetic algorithms to optimize Apache Solr boost factors.

Configuration interface.One thing I took along from last year’s ApacheCon was the idea to combine Apache Solr along with some mathematical search algorithms to figure out boost factor values. I did some work on that back then and on the way to this year’s BerlinBuzzwords. Now I finally have a proof-of-concept working which I’d like to share. If you want to have a look right away - the code can be found on Github. ... Read more

December 22, 2012

Re: How to move on? #TYPO3

As I wanted to answer Robert’s post but didn’t like the privacy of our Core-internal list, here’s some kind of response to it. Alongside I’ll try to explain the current situation and problems a bit***. What happend? In his post Robert kind of gave up his attempts to establish a TYPO3 product board [1]. The reasons for this are very wide-spread and mainly the various flame-wars in the last year and the very personal attacts brought him to the conclusion to: ... Read more

December 10, 2012

TYPO3 login state and Varnish cache

Caching is hard in complex page setups with user specific content, especially when public pages change their content once a user is logged in. TYPO3 is smart enough to deal with the login state properly and cache appropriately. Once Varnish is involved, it’s quite tricky to cache as much as possible without loosing the dynamic content. But it’s not impossible and here’s my summary how we resolved it for typo3. ... Read more

February 16, 2012

Finding TypoScript errors.

When you work on TypoScript templates in TYPO3, errors might show up in the TypoScript Object Browser. Within the error messages you’ll see a more or less detailed error description with the related line number.¬†Within most setups these line numbers won’t relate to any of your sys_template records or TypoScript files directly. But they still provide value if you know how they help to find the right spot. As it’s not too obvious how to find the right spot I’ve created a little screenshot series to guide you to the broken spots in your templates. ... Read more

January 20, 2012

Visualizing TYPO3 Core activity

DISCLAIMER: Don’t take the following too serious - when reading this post please keep in mind that the TYPO3 community itself consists of much more than just the Core team activity - many things take place outside of code repositories and can’t be measured anyhow. Every contribution is important and every single action has value. Using Gerrit sometimes feels quite lonesome - you don’t really see who’s active and you don’t really get a feeling on how much is done in the TYPO3 Core at a certain point. ... Read more

January 16, 2012

TemplaVoila 1.6.x

Quite some things changed in the past months and I never found the time to clear up my mind and write up a summary. First of all TemplaVoila 1.6 was released parallel to TYPO3 4.6. It shipped with 22 bug and compatibility fixes. In general the 1.6.x branch is supposed to be compatible with TYPO3 4.4+ which also made it possible to clean up the extension quite a bit. In addition to that TemplaVoila 1. ... Read more

December 30, 2011

Further reading 2011

Holiday time is usually a great opportunity to take time for things which didn’t really fit into the passed by year and to pick up things which help me to see beyond my nose. Along with some paper work and some house work there’s quite a list of programming related things I read and tried during the last days. And to give you some inspiration here’s my list: The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master - a must read for every programmer and once in a while worth to take a look at. ... Read more

December 22, 2011

Tagging page caches

In our small TYPO3 world it’s quite common to have list and single views for extensions on specific pages. That’s quite nice because once a record is changed it allowes users to flush the caches for these pages automatically, using: TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd=all|<pid> But of course it isn’t very smart to clear all caches once you have filled them up for hundred or even thousand records. To work around these limits it’s quite handy to use an API which lives in TYPO3 since 2008. ... Read more

November 30, 2011

Signal / Slots in Extbase

A nice thing to have at hand is definately Signal and Slots. I heard Felix talking about them quite often and I finally found a nice usecase and came to play with them a little bit this afternoon. And just to avoid that others have to look around too much to find how they can get them to work here’s how it’s working for me. First of all you should understand the concept. ... Read more

February 24, 2011

Release reviews (templavoila, imagemap_wizard, workspaces)

I just push the TER upload button two times and in addition to that TYPO3 4.5.2 will be released tomorrow containing some nice workspaces updates. So here’s a short summary what happened in the extension releases. TemplaVoila 1.5.4 The current release focussed on 4.5 compatibility. It uses the new sys_language flag “format” to support sprites, it hooks into the new backend-form (TCA) “layout” and add’s it’s fields to the right tabs within the backend forms and adjusts everything to work fine with the new CSRF mechanism. ... Read more

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